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Live singing show

Singing show and live program

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Dance competition show

any body can dance

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The Great indian music for new talent Music or Singing for new talent is the best art in itself which has become a very popular and interested for everyone and covered to people’s heart from sweet tunes or you can say RAAG. By mean of sweet tunes in the flow of high notes or low […]


                     Live stage performance Garg studio is garg group of live music which is established in greater noida in 2016. Garg studio live stage performance created by talented stars. Mr Lavi Garg is the owner of Garg studio live stage performance group of music.Basiclly we provides […]


Dance competition

Any body can dance Dance is such an art which is very popular and interested in the whole world. It’s liked by peoples who are very lean in this stream. Nowadays every type of new generation peoples want to go for dance because it is very huge field in itself. Anybody can dance and it […]